Delhi's Master Plan, 2021

Master Plan for Delhi (MPD) 2021 (Vision 2021) was envisioned by Delhi Development Authority and approved by the Central Government (Ministry of Urban Development) vide section 11A(2) of the Delhi Development Act 1957 – notified on 7th February 2007 (The Gazette of India, Extraordinary , Part – II – Section 3) Subsection (ii) No. 125 (Maha 18, 1928) vide S.D. 141 – (E).
MPD is one of the most important document for planned development pertaining to the provision of adequate shelter and housing for the different categories of inhabitants of the city.

Zonal Development Plan, 2021

Zonal Development Plan is a statutory document under the provision of Master Plan of Delhi and it is prepared and processed under the Delhi Development Act. The NCT of Delhi has been divided into 15 Zones from A to H and J to P, of which 8 zones are in urban areas, one in river-bed and remaining 6 in the rural areas.

Location & Areas: L-Zone (SOUTH – WEST DELHI)

The L-Zone covers an area of 22,979 hectare and is surrounded by the following:
NH-101 Rohtak Road and Railway line in North.
Zone ‘K’ mainly comprising Dwarka Sub-City , in the East.
The NCTD boundary on its Southern and Western side.

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Zonal Development Plans

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